Natural Cleaners Beat Toxic Cleaners

Ketchup as a green copper cleaner. Photo by Tiffany Coggins

If you haven’t switched to non-toxic or natural kitchen cleaners, because you didn’t think they would clean as well as the mainstream harsh cleaners, it’s time to let those fears go.

America’s Test Kitchen has tested cleaners for the kitchen, and the non-toxic ones have come out on top of the heap of cleaners available.

By switching to non-toxic cleaners, you will help yourself, your family, and your pets’ health.

I once had a reader tell me what an immense difference switching to natural cleaners made to her pets’ health. After she had read a column I wrote about green cleaning, she switched to non-toxic cleaners, and was able to take her pets off allergy medications.

Method tested best in the all-purpose cleaner category and Seventh Generation tested best in the dish liquid category. Bar Keepers Friend won for best abrasive cleanser. Ketchup, yes ketchup, was the best copper cleaner! I’ve been using ketchup to clean copper and brass for years.

I posted a link to the video from the show.

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